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1949 // Journey of Koruma begins.

Koruma which has adopted Republic’s ideals such as production, independence, modernity at the center of corporate culture, has started its journey in 1949 with the title of “Turkey’s first agricultural pesticide company” for the purpose of enabling agricultural development of our country and developing our country by this means.

1995-2000 //Koruma Klor Alkali was established.

In 1994, Koruma Klor Alkali has opened a new chapter in Kocaeli by V. İbrahim Aracı purchasing Koruma Derince factory. As of 1995, investments were initiated for a transition to modern production methods.

Koruma Group Companies which has the power to be a model about Chlorine Alkali production has taken considerable steps not only in production but also in logistics. The most important one of them is providing fast and economic transportation service to its customers by offering production and storage advantage in five regions of Turkey with its logistic fleet over eighty vehicles and with its rental vehicles and transportation company in its structure. Thus it saved all of its customers from high stock costs.

2000 - 2012 // We are growing for our country.

Koruma continued to grow and make its country develop with the coming of new millennium. Between the years 2000 - 2006 chlorine alkali facility has been converted to modern membrane facility from current mercury technology and the capacity has been increased. In 2007, Kırıkhan/Hatay chlorine alkali facility has been initiated. Thus, the first chlorine alkali facility of Southeast has started to provide service to Mediterranean, East and Southeast regions. In 2012, Koruma which has acquired the first autoproducer license of Energy Market Regulatory Authority has established cogeneration facility in Derince facilities and commenced operations in Denizli chlorine alkali facility. According to Istanbul Chamber of Industry data, Koruma, one of the first greatest 500 industry organizations of Turkey, has reached to the upper ranks each passing year.

2015 – 2018 // Research better, develop better.

Koruma, always following innovation and continuous development, has maintained the necessities of time since the day it has been established. Accordingly, it established Research-Development facility in 2015 to improve its productions and especially add chemical products, which are not manufactured in Turkey and imported, to its product range. The first project supported by TUBITAK from this R&D facility has been approved in 2016, 1 year later from the establishment of facility. In 2018, Horizon 2020 project has been approved and assigned in a project for the first time in EU.

2019 - ∞ // We are working for a better and more powerful future.

Koruma continues to its studies for a better and more powerful future through its human focused, technological and scientific efforts following its long-established culture and valuable legacy.

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